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August 21, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Chris Fitz Band


Chris Fitz broke into the Boston music scene back in 1994 after a 5 year stint in the San Francisco area. Chris honed his blues guitar chops by floating around all the blues clubs in the Bay Area and finding inspiration in the local and national blues artists who frequented them. He would then spend countless hours holed up in his apartment, guitar in hand and record player by his side, tirelessly teaching himself to sound like the great players he loved to watch live.

Upon moving back to Boston, his hometown, he wasted no time hitting the various blues jams around the city with a guarded confidence that he could play well enough to find his way into a working band. The singing and songwriting would come a little later but the blistering guitar work soon began to make an impact!

Over twenty years and thousands of gigs later, the Chris Fitz Band, with Chris as band leader/singer/songwriter/guitar player, Mike Aiello on Drums and "Fretless Dave Kendarian" on bass remains one of the premier "original" blues and roots acts in all of New England.

Since 2002, The Chris Fitz Band has received more than a dozen music awards including a 2002 Boston Music Award, 2005 Boston Blues Challenge Winners Award, as well as numerous songwriting and best guitar player awards.

The band has toured around New England for the last 23 years and has also spread its wings as far as Europe, Memphis and California. It's a thunderous band with grooves that pay homage to all areas of American Roots Music. Chris' songs can be heard on 4 all original award winning studio CD's and a 5th "double live" CD "Live at Dodge Street Bar & Grill" which has been hailed as the bands best.



At of the beginning of 2017 Chris released a brand new Solo album; his first, called "Basement Musings" recorded and mixed entirely by Chris in his home studio...Central Street Studios.

The new Album is a bit of a departure from the "in your face" guitar bombast of his previous work and focuses more on rootsy J.J. Cale inspired songwriting although still a guitar record.

The most enduring thing about the Chris Fitz Band is the ability to appeal to a giant cross section of music fans. You can't pigeon hole Chris' music. It resonates with Woodstock era Baby Boomers all the way down to 20 something’s who have never listened to a blues record in their life. Most importantly his energy and enthusiasm for his craft and profession shines through in every performance be it to 20 people in a small cafe to thousands at a festival.

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