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JuLY 13, 2022
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Blue Honey Drops


With a collective background of years of diverse music performance,  the BHDs interpret multiple music genres through Americana's lens. Whether it's a toe-tapping countrified interpretation of a Pink Floyd classic or an in-depth study of the bluegrass super group Old and In The Way, what you get is a danceable, smile-inducing review of music spanning decades. 


The BHDs are:


Susan Ruth

Susan has been part of the Irish music folk scene in and around Boston for decades. Her interpretations of the BHD catalog on fiddle are inspiring and gorgeous. As a classically trained singer, she brings lead and harmony vocals of impeccable tone and precision. 

Stacking Stones


The Stacking Stones Band blends alt-country, soul, and folk-rock styles in their original music. Led by Kelly Dearing’s gospel-steeped vocals and rich harmonies from Christina Gavin (keys) and Mike Manion (guitar), the band includes John Coley on bass, Eric Dearing on guitar, and Dave Millar on drums. Part of the greater Boston music scene for several years, half the band now lives on the north shore in Lynn and Swampscott.

Blue Honey Drops_1.JPG

Steve Yost

For over ten years, Steve was a drummer in local bands ranging from country to indie rock, and before that played sax in jazz and funk bands. Bringing these to a passion for upright bass, he adds tasty low-end tonality and rock-steady-rhythm to The BHDs. 


Jim Kawski

Over the last 20 years, Jim has been part of several local groups, the previous being the blues band Bare Bones, which held a weekly residency at The Chop Shop in Seabrook, NH. His love of musical performance is only rivaled by his appreciation of his bandmates. Jim's rhythm comping on acoustic and electric guitar finds inspiration from Django Reinhardt, Jerry Garcia, and Doc Watson.

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